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Our philosophy

To be a brand with a story and purpose. Predict the future.

Our team

Those who shape digital era.

We grow as you grow — that’s why we invite our new team members on the basis of their attitude, experience and the value they will bring to Performante. Multicultural environment and mix of different points of view are just a "side-effect" of this approach (and a never-ending source of creativity). With each new person we hire, we’re one step closer to the point we want to be as a company and as a group of ambitious marketing freaks.

Powered by curiosity

Need a space to spread your wings? We’ve got you covered. This is how we do it: we give you the tools you need (modern office in one of the most trendy spots in Warsaw, strict city centre, coworkers from all over the world), to feed your curiosity and ambitions.

Our values



We are an international team in a dynamic industry with quickly changing priorities. We easily adapt to new circumstances as they arise. We are willing to change our plans to overcome unexpected obstacles or meet each other’s needs. We are cooperative and know we can expect the same from our company.



When something is good, we make it great. We keep mastering our skills. We know that curiosity leads to excellence. We get outside our comfort zone to ensure great results. We are ready to step up to move things forward. This also means we communicate clearly, ask for help, share new ideas and make proposals.



We do not only root for our colleagues to succeed, but we find a way to make it happen. When one of us shines, we all do. That is why we are there for each other. Always. It can mean sharing our knowledge and skills, offering help or even showing we are there when it is needed.



The way we cooperate is key to our personal and team development. That is why we strive to treat our colleagues the right way. We give each other good recognition for every job well done. We respect each other’s time and needs because we acknowledge what they bring to the table.



We make every project our own. We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are professional and passionate. As owners, delivering high quality is the only option for us. If we don’t agree with something, we never stay silent because we care. The company’s success is our success.

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