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3 Philosophical Tools That Will Help You Undertake Everyday Situations

Approaching philosophy is an activity that requires analysis, constant thought, and the questioning of everything we experience, including the way we think. An understanding of some of the features that philosophy brings, can give us useful tools for daily life. Here are three philosophical tools to incorporate into your reality:

Problem Solving

Philosophy helps us see beyond a problem and a solution. It involves analyzing how a concept is understood according to its context, how the arguments are supported and what are the essential problems that solve that specific doubt. It takes us from understanding the general to dealing with the specific. It leads us to study the possibilities surrounding the problem; those that coincide with what we think and those that are opposite. Engaging in the space of questioning everything that accompanies our problem, allows us to think critically. Here is an example we can apply in our context:

When launching a campaign, it is essential to have a clear idea of what we are doing, asking the right questions about what is being developed. But even more important, it is to anticipate the possible results, good or bad, to have a plan of containment in case it does not go as planned and foresee any situation, keeping in mind the possibilities of what could happen.


Since philosophy constantly confronts us with arguing why we think the way we think, it allows us to develop expression and communication skills. Beginning with understanding ourselves, how we think, what is our reality, how our reality differs from others, and how we situate ourselves in a reality different from our own. At first, these questions may seem very broad, but as we begin to recognize and understand our inner selves, we develop tools for expression. If we understand our position on an issue well enough, it will be easier to decide the next step. This happens a lot in the workplace. Often we find ourselves in situations where we doubt whether our participation contributes, fearing to say something wrong. But if what we want to talk about is something we feel confident about, we can try talking about it with our colleagues to find that different thoughts and opinions on what we have said will always lead to a better result.

Writing skills

Through the reading of different philosophical texts, we have the opportunity to get to know interesting literary essays with a lot of content to examine. They are not only filled with questions about life, situations, and abstract concepts, but they also represent a reading challenge. A thorough questioning activity to understand the text, identify how that specific author conceives a concept, read the arguments and generate an opinion about them and being able to translate these issues into clear examples that place us in real-life problems, allow us to make a deeper analysis of different scenarios while developing new writing skills.

By not taking for granted everything we see and perceive around us, we broaden our knowledge and understand different perspectives to our reality. Remember that wisdom does not exclusively come from academia, but mostly from experience. So keep questioning everything around you!

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