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Employer branding strategy for the IT department of Biedronka | Jeronimo Martins

One retail leader, one sales network, (more than) 3,300 shops, and millions of customers. How to develop a comprehensive and effective employer image communication strategy for the IT area?



Primarily to launch Employer Branding activities for the Biedronka IT department. Increase audience awareness and build a brand image as a modern employer in the IT area. To attract the best talents on the market, using the leading position in the retail industry.

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Employer brand communication should be based on thorough research and analysis, which is why we started working on the concept with focus groups and by interviewing Biedronka's IT staff. We created EVPs based on internal analysis, which forms the basis for all image materials:

Brand communication in the IT sector requires a coherent, well-established, expressive, and, above all, distinctive creative concept. Biedronka's IT department means a large scale of activities and significant efficiency in the hands of each employee, but also dynamics, the need for immediate reactions in the constantly changing and fast-paced retail world.

This is the basis of the concept: 'We do great things. Deal with IT', which fits naturally into the brand's global communication.

Candidates can find comprehensive confirmation that it is worth working in Biedronka's IT department on the landing page, which we designed exclusively for the campaign, based on the developed assumptions.

The target group for Biedronka's IT communications consists of both young professionals and experienced experts. Their statements, accompanied by a photo session in Biedronka's Headquarters, show a broad spectrum of challenges, but also opportunities.

Preparing for the launch of the employer brand communication, we developed a plan for social media publications. Here, we used the detailed knowledge of the brand that we acquired in the process of creating the strategy.

One of the crucial aspects in ensuring the quality and image of the employer’s brand are internal activities. We have strenghtened several initiatives in the area of internal communication by creating content and materials, e.g. gadgets based on the Key Visual of the campaign.

Deal with IT!

The concept 'We do great things. Deal with IT' is a comprehensively developed employer brand communication platform. It can be swiftly and dynamically translated into display campaigns, image and reach content.

The campaign was distinguished among the best Employer Branding campaigns in 2022 by

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