Chmura Krajowa

Most specialised provider of cloud computing solutions in Poland, developing services in the field of data processing and storage, aimed at Polish entrepreneurs, public administration and education sector.



To create a website that will be:

  • the company’s showcase, organising information about a vast range of products and services in an intuitive, user-friendly manner
  • both image and product-oriented
  • unique in its visual language

Our approach

How to show something that cannot be seen? How to visualise cloud services and solutions? The answer is not easy, but we decided to use very simple forms and shapes, with a touch of colour. Simplicity is a metaphor of how intuitive and time-saving cloud solutions are, and helps navigate the platform without feeling overwhelmed by the content.


  • Defining colour schemes
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • Special elements: animations, illustrations, icons
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