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For the Poznań-based software house Fabres, we built a communication concept that, in the first few months, generated more than 100,000,000 impressions and over 6,000 visits to the career tab.



Creating an employer branding strategy and enhancing the employer brand image of Fabres. Reaching the target audience with a message showcasing the organizational culture and employer’s brand offer. Developing an execution plan to support the employer’s brand image both internally and externally. Increasing Fabres' visibility in the market.

First, the pillars of the employer brand

Developing a Fabres employer brand offer that would not only entice the target group but also be a true reflection of the organization's internal spirit, required quantitative and qualitative research. That led to the development of the Fabres employer brand pillars: Personas, Values, and EVP, based on which we built up a creative concept - Key Visual and Employer Brand Claim.

We wanted the creative part to reflect the atmosphere in the organization, of which open communication between employees is a significant part. This is how the concept „We Speak Your Language” was created!

Keep calm and code on!

Fabres employees value their privacy, so the creative concept is set in illustrated graphics, without the use of photographs. Image and recruitment materials convey the uniqueness of Fabres' organizational culture.

„We speak your language” contains all the unique components of the brand's EVP while - literally - referring to programming languages.

Then execution activities

During the research, we gathered insights from candidate and employee experience, from Fabres' employer brand touchpoints and directly from employees. The context of the IT industry itself and the needs and motivations of its employees were important to us as well. As a result, we created a map of long-term activities and recommendations taking care of the areas requiring support, also to be implemented by Fabres itself.

We started the execution activities with an internal kick-off of the communication concept and a discussion about the brand values, which were worded and illustrated. The next step was to align the touchpoints in terms of visuals and content.

At the same time, on the organization's social media, we carried out the launch of the new umbrella communication, which we presented in several short posts.

A classic follow-up activity we undertook, was an image campaign showcasing Fabres' new employer brand. During a meeting with employees, we developed a series of tactical messages that supported the campaign objectives, highlighted the organization's values, and illustrated its corporate culture. Each of these messages was placed on banner ads.

And how did we operate during the campaign?

The tactics of the image campaign for Fabres were prepared considering communication platforms (social media - own accounts) and the Google network.

Our target group was Generation Y, so all campaign assets – textual and graphic – were developed with the Millennials generation in mind. Thanks to accurately planned campaign stages, tailored creative materials, and ongoing optimization, we were able to precisely reach the target group.

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The three-month media plan was based on three stages to reach the target group's awareness and created a classic communication funnel. The campaign-generated traffic was directed to the careers tab on the Fabre website, allowing the campaign to have a recruitment effect.

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