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Non-standard employer branding campaign, a dynamic competition based on real experience of marketing agency life, building Performante image as a creative place for industry professionals


Our approach


Building the company's image and long-term relationships with talents interested in the marketing industry

100 000

reach in the desired target group


According to the research, the world of advertising agencies and the creative industry in general is perceived as a hermetically sealed circle which "is not easy to get into." This is a serious barrier in active job search for young professionals.

Our answer


We used various channels to reach not only prospective young talents, but also more experienced specialists in the industry: online and offline media, social media campaigns, mailings, student groups and forums, cooperation with universities

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Landing page

On the landing page, candidates could find information on the agenda of the competition and details about the client. They could also learn more from the thematic blog we run, and fill out an application form checking their knowledge and instinct related to marketing and advertising



100 000


> 300


> 100


10 000

Landing Page views

Deutsche Telekom - New level of “Love IT to bits” platform
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