Punto Estilo - Mango Colombia

A stylish brand with one goal in mind: to attract and retain the talent that will help it go even further.

Strategy was important. Just as important as the experience of the users we would direct to their website.



To create an employer branding strategy and internal and external campaigns to make the brand more visible as a good employer.

Having in mind that we were dealing with a clothing company, we had to find a fitting “style” of talking about its employer branding offer.

We came up with a Big Idea: For starters, we expanded the EVP and the company’s values. In the next step, we created an umbrella claim, tailored to the needs of the whole communication: “Work in your style. Work in Mango style”.

There is beauty in turning a marketing offer into a compelling web journey. And there's a big challenge in translating a client's needs into innovative yet user-friendly platforms.

We paid a lot of attention to the visual aspect of the campaign and website. Each and every element, from the values icons to the website look, perfectly reflects Punto Estilo's casual elegance and neat design.


  • Employer branding strategy
  • Big Idea
  • Communication strategy
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Gadgets design
  • UI/UX/Web design
  • Internal procedures
  • Website career tab design
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