Deutsche Telekom changes the employer image

Repositioning your brand by building an audience-appealing, innovative platform for communicating with IT candidates? See how it's done with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, present in 50 countries.



The game called Employer Branding is not only about attracting candidates, but also about making this process satisfying for both parties. If we add to that the demanding target group of candidates from the IT market, we get a challenge that forces us to redefine what an effective recruitment campaign is.

A game, of course.

Our approach

Deutsche Telekom is actively looking for candidates for their technology department. A company, well-known by everyone mainly with mobile telephony, wants to refresh its image. Even more, since it develops bold visions of shaping the future - IoT, smart cities, AI… That is why Deutsche Telekom is looking for candidates who think outside the box and show a creative approach to technology.

To attract the best, we decided to refer to… the past. More specifically, to a turning point in the career of every computer enthusiast - fascination with 8-bit games.

“Love IT to bits” is a communication platform created for the campaign which is not only a medium of recruitment content, such as EVP, company values, and job offers, but above all, it’s an invitation to a sentimental journey into the world of 8-bit games. Through them, we built an understanding between the organization and candidates, giving them a clear signal that we recognize their needs, way of thinking and passions. That we will be able to create an environment for them to develop, just as we have recreated the environment of 8-bit games.

Path Maker

A click&go game. From waking up to reaching the office, T-Man (the main character) has to make decisions that determine his next steps. The goal is to understand what is it like to work at Deutsche Telekom - creating the future which turns into reality right in front of our eyes.

Office Glider

A game in the style of a “Google” dinosaur. The main hero’s task is to efficiently avoid various office obstacles. Office Glider is not only a fun game testing your agility, but it’s also designed to show that we put a lot of emphasis on… agility at Deutsche Telekom.

Bug Runner

A game in the Pac-Man style. Our main hero, T-Man, makes his way through complex corridors filled with bugs. Here, too, agility counts, as well as quick reaction time to unforeseen situations. Isn’t that what IT is all about?

Deutsche Telekom loves IT to bits

The "Love IT to bits" concept has turned out to be not just a one-off, catchy idea, but a platform that can be updated again and again. The year 2023 will bring a new version of the website , but... it's a completely different case.

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