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Find, retain and develop tech talent: Learn how to keep them motivated.

Understanding what motivates tech talent is always challenging because we can never generalize. Let’s start with some data: 8 out of 10 candidates are not actively looking for a job but are interested in job offers. 70% of candidates hear about job offers from colleagues, and less than 40% find them on social media.

We have identified a set of motivations that can help you win the battle we are currently undergoing in recruiting these profiles.

1. They want to be found in a creative, different way.

You have to be active in reaching out through non-traditional channels. Events, summits and hackathons, portals with games they frequently play, and favorite YouTubers they spend their free time with are key to reaching this audience. However, peer-to-peer recommendations are a great resource that you should not overlook.

2. They want quick and straightforward processes.

Many potential candidates decide not to consider the company if it has a long and time-consuming recruitment process. Make sure they are taken care of before, during and after their candidate journey.

3. They want snap decisions.

Carry out a short and focused interview to identify the candidate’s technical skills. After this, everything should flow and happen in the minimum time. Decision making, onboarding and feedback should be as instantaneous as possible.

4. They want to talk to other techs.

Techs want to meet other techs with whom they speak the same language and who know what they are going to do. It is crucial to involve programmers in the team during this stage.

5. They want to work with competent leaders.

They must have leaders who identify the potential skills in their workforce - they will be magnets for talent. These people are responsible for developing good performance, building engagement, and driving retention.

6. They want to feel that their work is valued.

As simple as that, 1 in 2 employees who do not feel valued by their boss, plan to look for another job next year.

7. They want to grow. Always. Even if they are seniors.

Tech talent wants the certainty of working in different technologies that will allow them to broaden their knowledge and be at the forefront of technological progress. Above all, it is important that from the outset, the company clarifies how they will develop the employee’s skills and interests. We should remember that growth does not always have to be vertical. It can also be horizontal, depending on the employee and the company’s needs.

*A structured learning program, where soft and hard skills are cultivated, will help build a true “dream team.”

8. They want top technology and tools.

Operational positions for repetitive tasks are becoming more and more dynamic. And this is not an exception. Developers want to expand beyond just launching new features. They want to be included in diverse projects, experimenting with new codes and languages that allow them to innovate in their work.

9. They want to see the effect/impact of their code.

People who understand that their work has a purpose beyond just delivering tend to be more engaged. And this is an important characteristic among these candidates. They want more than a fancy title and a competitive salary. They need to feel that their work has meaning and purpose.

10. They want flexibility. And it is no longer negotiable.

A hybrid job is not enough. They want remote work because they are true digital nomads. They like to work in different locations, without pre-established schedules and in different time zones. Since co-working is the most frequently asked question by tech candidates, companies that are unprepared for it will find it increasingly difficult.

11. They want a diverse environment.

When they ask for diversity, it’s not just about demographic and sociological diversity but the variety of people working in different modalities. They want to know they will also enjoy the same benefits as those working elsewhere. 9 out of 10 tech candidates ask about what the company does regarding diversity and inclusion.

12. They want work/life balance.

69% of millennials (almost all tech seniors who now have children and families) are looking for work/life balance at their companies. A boss who calls at night or a coordinator who expects weekend availability will be likely to make the best expert change jobs.

13. And, of course: They want a good salary.

This is the one constant in all talent acquisition. One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is dissatisfaction with their pay. So, be sure you keep up to date with what the market is offering. We know that you can’t always pay the highest salary. Still, you need to check these ranges constantly, especially with the impact globalization has had on pay.

Also, note that it is not only about setting a standard that is good enough for new people but also about never forgetting the people with the most seniority in the company.

Remember that there is also the emotional wage, which should always be offered because there will always be someone who will pay more.

Keep the talent’s motivations in mind to develop more precise and attractive value propositions for your target audience. - I challenge you to validate them for yourself!

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