Performante Aug 25, 2020

Say yes — a brief explanation of our campaign

It’s not original to start an article with a statement about how game-changing the first part of the year was. Not at all. But these are the facts: before the pandemic, we, the people of Performante, have started the process of refreshing and updating our values and main claim. And before we even blinked, the world as we know it had crumbled down.

We’ve left the office to set our individual workspaces at our homes. We’ve rearranged our ways and settled down in that new situation. Somewhere in the middle of this, we understood that the time is never perfect for implementing a new image campaign, but the pandemic, lockdown, and the aftermath actually could work for us. Because the way we had gotten through all these is the best image campaign.

Believe it or not, the compound claim we’ve come up with before all these months of the new reality. “Do you want to have a say in your future? Say yes to us” perfectly fits our attitude not only during challenging times but in general. This attitude, a “YEStitude” is our drive and fuel, that has led us to become a small big agency. How?

Yes is such a simple, three-letter word, but underneath there’s so much depth.

It means eagerness, enthusiasm, victory, wisdom, tolerance, openness, readiness… everyone can relate to this at some point. Everyone can take out something from this campaign which is real for them, which is their own. Having “say yes” as our statement doesn’t make us “yesers”. On the contrary — our Performante tribe is a bunch of conscious yes-sayers, people who face and shape the flow rather than just going with it.

Through the six years of our existence in the market, we’ve said yes to all the small steps that become a part of the bigger picture. We’ve said yes to expand our portfolio of services and yes to a variety of clients. Yes to small, starting-up projects and yes to the big ideas, holistic strategies. Even the pandemic couldn’t hold us. It seemed like a big “no” at the beginning, but we’ve decided to say “yes, we’re in this together”. “Yes, we can make it”. “Yes, there’s still a chance”. We couldn’t do it without people that had said yes to us. They are our best showcase, as much as the projects we’ve done.

So much for the background. Having such a strong idea has led us to the realization that the “Saying yes” concept works in three levels: B2B, EB, and internal, so the campaign has taken these three turns, all of them happening in social media channels. For the needs of the B2B and EB paths, we’ve created different but equally vibrant and dynamic videos, showing our philosophy, projects, and capacities. B2B posts were focused on our portfolio of services, meanwhile, EB ones were based on our know-how in the area. Along with the campaign went our manifesto, a short yet poignant explanation of the core of our unique attitude. It also serves for internal purposes — as a reminder, what sticks us together and inspires us to say yes to Performante on a daily basis.

We believe that this campaign will not only gain us more recognition but also will make us all think (and by us I mean us as Performante and the wider audience): what yeses brought us here? What yeses are about to come? What yeses were made of?

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