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Working in marketing is like being a part of a movie

Have you ever wondered how it would be to play a part in a movie? To live the life filled with romance, big adventures, and some occasional thrill? For sure you did or at least played with a thought of that. Is it even possible?

We would hate to tell you that unfortunately unless you become an outstanding historical figure, a hero of a widely acknowledged event, or simply becoming an actor yourself, the chances are really low. But don’t be discouraged, because since we tend to say “yes” to a lot of things, we have prepared something special for you. It is possible! If you are working in marketing your life is already almost like a movie, and if you are not? You might always consider changing your career. ;-)


Working in an agency is like a big love story. We fall in love with ideas and clients, and we want them to love us back, or at least return a bit of affection. This work is full of blind dates, courting and unfortunately numerous not returned calls. But when it finally works out? Then all relationships are important, and we are giving everything even during the shortest ones, being nothing but a fling, a onetime project that leaves some experience. But what is the most desirable and what we all want the most is a long-term relationship (preferably with no expiration date), with a partner who is fun, emotionally stable, well-off, and about whom we can occasionally brag about.


Do you know that feeling when you are setting out on a journey, everything is packed, the route is planned, but suddenly you see an unexpected package at your doorstep? For sure, you do, because it is just like opening your inbox on Monday. Everything can await you — a piece of sudden information about the change of your takeoff, a letter filled with good words and encouragement, or — most probably — an invitation for a new adventure. Those adventures are often held in the unknown environment, with a clock ticking somewhere in the background, and a princess or a chest filled with gold at the end of the path. There also can be a dragon somewhere along the way, so it is good not to embark on a journey alone. A good and trusted team or at least a creative buddy will make your adventure safer, and definitely more fun.

Horror & Thriller

No, there are no bloody corpses or strangers calling at night from an unknown number. The offices are not filled with mysterious mist and no one walks outside to check what is going on and never comes back. But there are moments when your heart can stop when you are not sure if the message you’ve sent contained the proper file, or when the heartbeat raises when a monster, big, and scary, and called… DEADLINE comes. Fortunately, those short moments are just like bad dreams after which you wake up a bit out of place, but after the first cup of coffee, all is fine.


Everyone who has ever worked in an advertising agency, joined an internal conference call, or simply entered an open space at a particular hour, knows that working in an agency is filled with laughter. There are jokes (better and worse of course), pranks and even crying out of laughter when you enter a vicious cycle of creative brainstorming. There are also moments when you really have to master your mimics because sometimes it is impossible not to chuckle when you are not allowed to. Real masters are able not to even blink during a very funny situation with a Client. And as in many good comedies — it is all about relations, building common ground by laughing together even though we often come from extremely different backgrounds.

If you are not yet a part of that world or want to change your plot and have a say in the future, check our careers page and leave us your CV, we are always looking for new talents.

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