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Employer Branding Strategy for Organización Carvajal

The development of the employer branding strategy for Organización Carvajal was, from the beginning, a successful cooperation. Thanks to the very active participation of the company's employees, we were able to define the solid and attractive strategic components that, years later, serve the company as a communication platform with its current and potential talent.


Our task

Organización Carvajal is composed of multiple business units that, when interacting with their talent, want to maintain coherence, but at the same time mark their unique personality.

Our goal was to find the strategic pillars that would unify the value proposition of the units in an equally attractive and relevant way for the different industries.

Creative concept definition

The attractive and distinctive way to promote the value proposition to talent was built around an authentic and creative umbrella concept. The message "The future inspires us. The past supports us. The present is you." helps to position the brand as an employer, communicating multiple reasons for talent to work at Carvajal. The stars of the concept are the employees themselves, who through their experiences and testimonials confirm the company's offer.

Target audience definition

A good concept can impact multiple segments represented by diverse talents. Our umbrella message was displayed in different visual versions to suit different talent profiles: from plant operators who prefer offline communication, to young developers who are digital natives.

Social media communications

The creative concept also allowed us to unify corporate communication lines and mix them attractively with talent-focused publications.

Recruitment marketing

Recruitment marketing tools, among other things, help improve the effectiveness of the candidate attraction and selection process. Through the design of the candidate experience (career tab and job ads) we increase the visibility of vacancies and improve the number of applications in key areas.

Promotion of organizational culture

A series of internal activities focused on interaction with employees promoted the concept within the organization and helped to turn employees into brand ambassadors.

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