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A million views, thousands of visits to the landing page, and one message. An electrifying, multi-channel image and recruitment campaign for a software house in Krakow.


Our task? To ignite the spark between Codibly and the candidate!

How do you set a software house apart from the strong competition? Listen to what employees say and catch their flow!
The agency's number one task was to build brand recognition among the target group by launching activities to promote the employer's image. That is how the campaign "Be here. Be charged up!" was created.

Time for the campaign’s details.

Codibly is two hundred specialists, hundreds of projects, and fresh energy. This is a unique software house from Krakow, one of the main IT industry growth centers in Poland. What sets it apart is not only the incredible energy of the employees but also the project domain itself. It consists mainly of renewable energy projects, which induces the team's spirit. That's why the campaign under the slogan "Be here. Be charged up." could fit perfectly.

Our main objective was to acquire job applications. The natural first step in this direction is to increase employer brand recognition. We've developed tactics considering the main touch points with the target group. We launched communications in SoMe, targeting potential candidates from the IT area across Poland.

A key point on the user path was a landing page we designed and developed.

We ran the campaign (also as a remarketing) on Social Media, GDN, and Google Search to drive traffic to the website.

Through an in-depth analysis of the campaign’s performance and users’ behavior, the campaign was optimized for the most desirable traffic, reaching the best potential candidates.

Good energy? Prove it!

The best proof that Codibly's claim "Be here. Be charged up." captures the company's vibe is a video shot with company employees.

In addition to video footage and digital presence, Codibly was also visible in its city space with an equally energetic message. Citylights appeared all over the map of Krakow, with contextual slogans encouraging people to consider switching to Codibly.

The next step was to launch a video campaign on Krakow's public transport.


The extensive "Be here. Be charged up." campaign is Codibly's first brand image-building activity. In the first three months of multi-channel presence, the ads were displayed more than one million times (1,126,439, to be precise), and thousands of people (5,865 users) visited the landing page. The recruitment department already contacted dozens of candidates... and this is just the beginning!

Campaign results

1 126 439



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