Get connected to T-Mobile

Creative recruitment campaign for a global telecommunications network operator which provides a range of services to individual and business customers.



To plan and carry out a creative recruitment campaign, emphasising the image of T-Mobile as a corporation in which passionate people work and develop their careers.

Our approach

We prepared a creative concept of the "Get connected to T-Mobile" recruitment campaign, which focuses on diversity - of employees, their passions, but also of the positions offered. The campaign highlighted the development opportunities given by T-Mobile, with direct reference to the specifics of the telecommunication industry.

For the videos, we chose the company ambassadors from T-Mobile employees in three areas: customer service, sales representation and showrooms.

We engaged people who would get an audience’s attention with their personality, attitude, passion, and also inspire others to take part in the recruitment process.

We wanted the potential candidates to get the vibe of what it’s like to work at T-mobile, letting the ambassadors speak about both the emotional and rational reasons.

The combination of authentic stories and T-Mobile's robust offer allowed us to create a full set of communication materials for the recruitment campaign.


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