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One of the most experienced and renowned companies in Colombia, on the market for nearly 30 years, offering marketing and recruitment solutions.



Brand refreshment accompanied by a communication strategy and implementations

Eficacia has been swiftly adjusting to the changing economic climate and client needs, but their visual (and verbal) communication had to keep up.

Many years on the market may have provided a competitive advantage, indicating the company's experience and credibility, but it may also have been a sign of being too “archaic" for the modern customer.

On the other hand, being an indigenous company suggests a unique ability to understand local problems, local colours and working culture.

For the brand's narrative, we identified and highlighted these two assets: long-term experience in providing customised services and localness. That's how the umbrella claim "Aqui para Ti" (“Here for you”) was born.

Along with the brand's adjustable claim, went the determination of the brand's archetype - a wise caregiver - and the brand's manifesto vocalising the company's approach to clients and the general narrative. We've even coined the term "client concierge", positioning Eficacia as a company of higher-value services.

The “Aqui para Ti” concept appeared to be very capacious - it works well with the whole Eficacia Group, both for the B2B and employer branding communication.

Alongside the communication improvements, we made major changes to the visual image of the brand. We created a completely new website in line with the latest trends, organising all the content in a modern, clear and user-friendly way. The content is well-balanced between the image area (company mission, vision, values and advantages clearly named and defined) and the services area.


  • Refreshed corporate identity
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand archetype
  • Manifesto
  • Umbrella claim
  • A series of videos
  • UX design and website development
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