How did we support Domino's Pizza in increasing the app's share of total online purchases?

Increasing the share of online sales through mobile applications was a challenge that Domino's Pizza faced when starting cooperation with our team. What tactics did we use to achieve this specific goal?

Our actions

Client's Objective:

Increasing the share of the mobile application in the sale of Domino's Pizza products in Poland.


Our actions were preceded by a thorough analysis of the initial situation, which allows for defining key touchpoints with the user and preparing the campaign structure in a way that meets the needs of target groups, thus increasing the chances of achieving satisfactory results.

During the campaign, A/B testing iterations were conducted on various campaign elements, allowing us to identify the best approach to achieving the lowest cost per acquisition. By experimenting with different unique selling propositions (USPs), we verified which ones resonate best with the audience and allow the brand to stand out, thereby attracting the ideal customer. Campaigns were optimized on a weekly basis, allowing for adjustments while avoiding disruption to the learning phase.

Over the course of 6 months, special promotions and thematic campaigns were launched, which positively impacted user engagement and conversion rates.

Campaign results



over 22,000



share of sales through the app*

*result of various factors
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