Employer Branding Strategy

A well-known and beloved company was seeking to achieve the same reputation as an employer.
How to develop an Employer Branding concept and strategy to help achieve this goal?


Our task:

Although the company already enjoyed a solid reputation and recognition among its customers and its current talent, Farmatodo set out to improve its position with young professionals from different areas, such as operations, technology, health and sales.

One of the main challenges that the company faced was the identification of the most suitable talent that could adapt to their business rhythm and dynamics, understanding they would not be a good fit for everyone.


The collaboration with Farmatodo was surprising because it revealed its employees' deep pride and the coherence in the vision of its founders, whose legacy endures to date. The company stands out for providing opportunities and stability to its talent, even in the most challenging moments. At the same time, it projects into the future as a space full of stimulating challenges and continuous learning.

Although the fast-paced dynamics, constant changes and specific demands inherent to a company like Farmatodo are not suitable for everyone, those who accept the company's challenges find the encouragement and the necessary tools to turn them into new opportunities.

During our collaboration, we identified that, beyond its attractive benefits package, Farmatodo represents an example of resilience, pride and the drive to keep moving forward. That is why we defined these three elements as the fundamental basis of its employer value proposition (EVP).

Creative concept

Based on the EVP, we built an umbrella message that connects with the audience and conveys the essence of Farmatodo as an employer. Thus, "Las posibilidades son de los que se atreven a más" (Possibilities belong to those who dare further) was born, reflecting that the company is a space where new opportunities can be forged, as long as the talent is willing to take on the challenge of making them happen. Our goal is to attract individuals who not only expect things to happen, but are willing to create their own realities.

Additionally, we support our concept with a call to action: "Vamos con todo" (Let's go all the way). In Spanish, this is easily linked to the Farmatodo name and, at the same time, motivates people to keep the best possible attitude as part of the team.

Internal activities

We started with internal launch activities to familiarize and engage current talent with the concept, making sure they had a deep understanding of the message. Then, we developed campaigns focused on the company's core values, using a media mix that allowed us to highlight tangible examples of these principles in action.

External activities

We also implemented specific strategies for recruitment, ongoing internal communication, ambassador participation and other executions aimed at giving relevance to the concept and contributing to Farmatodo's objectives.

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