j-labs - IT Is Me?

To ensure the success of their recruitment campaign, we were able to get this engineering company in Poland to communicate in their target audience's language. And no, we're not talking about Polish.



To prepare an unconventional image-building action, which would draw the attention of candidates to j-labs. The goal was to gather leads of candidates - already employed, freelance or interested in a new job.

Our approach

The action served as the prequel to the recruitment campaign, which we are also responsible for. The main campaign was planned to happen after overcoming the global pandemic crisis.

We prepared a campaign with the slogan “IT Is Me?”, which main goals were to show that despite the crisis, j-labs was still going strong and to build recognition of the company potential candidates.

According to the company's philosophy, j-labs was created by engineers for engineers and they are the main focus of the whole campaign.


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