Nationale-Nederlanden - “More”

Preparation and coordination of the recruitment and image campaign 'More' for Nationale-Nederlanden. 2 months of the campaign, 3 platforms, more than 6 million impressions, more than 800 entries to the contact form.



To demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of working as an Insurance Advisor at Nationale-Nederlanden. To reach a very large audience by not requiring previous experience in a similar position. Attracting new colleagues.

Campaign details

The work of an insurance adviser does not evoke very positive associations and is not widely recognized.

That is why, in the recruitment campaign for Nationale-Nederlanden, we decided to show the images of six of the company's employees, together with quotations about what they have gained from their advisory work. Because of its nature, it allows more free time, more flexibility, more people met, more money earned, and much more :) And this is at the heart of our communication.

For the campaign, we organized a photo shoot, which took place in the Warsaw office of Nationale-Nederlanden.

Key visual

We have designed our tactics to reach as many representatives of our target groups as possible.

The copy of our publications, in line with the slogan “For those who want more”, contained very detailed descriptions of the benefits resulting from cooperation with Nationale-Nederlanden, so already in the first contact with the advertisement, we told our candidates that they could expect more.

The entire campaign appeared across online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Landing Page

One of the campaign's priorities was to familiarize candidates in depth with the Nationale-Nederlanden brand and identify the benefits of working together.

Therefore, we have designed a landing page to guide the candidate through all the opportunities (tangible and non-quantifiable) offered by working as an Insurance Advisor at Nationale-Nederlanden, as well as to encourage them to apply for the position.

Thanks to the applied analytics, we could see which audiences best ragged on the messages and optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis.


Thanks to a message that focused on the specific benefits of working as an Advisor at Nationale-Nederlanden, we were able to reach a broad audience, which resulted in new candidates.

Campaign results



54 000

landing page views


entries to the recruitment system

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