Polish software company founded by engineers for engineers in 2008 with all the best business practices and values, providing complete development teams, individual engineers and outsourcing of whole projects in the field of software development.



  • Creative concept
  • Video & animation
  • Landing page
  • Recruitment campaign

Our approach


To prepare an unconventional image-building action, which would draw the attention of candidates to j-labs.  The goal was to gather ‘leads" of candidates - already employed, freelance or interested in a new job.


The action served as the prequel to the recruitment campaign, which we are also responsible for. The main campaign is planned to happen after overcoming the global pandemic crisis.

We prepared a campaign with the slogan “Is That IT?”, whose main goals were:  to show that despite the crisis, the company is still going strong  to build up recognition of j-labs among potential candidates

According to the company's philosophy, j-labs was created by engineers for engineers and they are the main focus of the whole campaign. 

IT workers are a very demanding and hermetic audience. They have their own inside jokes and peculiar hobbies. And... we get that.  That is why we weren't afraid to be bold and created provocative, captivating headlines with a hint of humour and self-irony.

The campaign's graphic design refers to the brand's logotype and colours, which are used in integrated development environments that software engineers use to create code.

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Landing page
  • Series of videos

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