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Planning and carrying out PR activities showing talented and successful women at KMD and promoting TalentLab - a flagship intership program at KMD.

Good to be in KMD
Our approach
“It's good to be a woman at KMD”
KMD is a Danish company from the IT sector of a highly diverse nature. Among other things, this means that there are many talented women in software engineering teams. Showing their extraordinary personalities to the world was an element of building KMD's image as an open and inclusive employer.
Good to be in KMD
Good to be in KMD
In a series of articles and interviews, we showed the professional skills and unique interests of women in tech working at KMD.
In the broader perspective of these publications, we wanted to make Readers think about the changes in the entire industry, which increasingly allow women to enter the IT sector and encourage new generations to follow the trend of diversity and inclusion.


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