O Boticário

The biggest Brazilian direct-selling cosmetic company that offers a wide range of beauty products such as: makeup, hair, body care products and perfumes.



  • Communication strategy
  • Digital media plan focused on reach and engagement
  • Multi-channel awareness campaigns run through social media, word‑of‑mouth, programmatic, affiliate, GDN and search, in-image contextual ads
  • Landing page audit
  • ROI analysis

O Boticário is a cosmetic company focused on face, hair, and body care. Most of their income comes from a network of consultants, especially women, who use a catalog and their social media channels as selling tools. The company offers an excellent package of commissions, rewards, and training that allow them to develop professionally and reach financial independence while letting them decide when and where to handle their business.

The brand needed to convey these benefits among their target audience to generate interest and grow their network of consultants and, therefore, their sales.

Our approach
After a thorough analysis of the behavior and needs of the target audience, we developed and implemented a 6-month campaign on 4 lines of business. We focused on redirecting the traffic to a registration page allowing to join the network of consultants.

We took care of the conceptualization and design of graphic pieces. Then, they were strategically distributed in a digital media mix that aimed to generate massive reach.

Throughout the implementation, we performed auditing, implemented tracking pixels, identified insights, and measured results. Thus, we managed to guarantee budget optimisation and generate the greatest possible impact.
Campaign results

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