A free Swedish fitness app that lets you turn steps into rewards – movie tickets, tours, furniture, clothes, access to streaming services and more.



  • Communication strategy
  • Digital media plan
  • Landing page design and development
  • Awareness campaigns
  • CPI + CPE performance campaigns (main goal: app downloads and new accounts)
  • Social media content
  • Outdoor campaign at metro stations in Warsaw
  • Digital PR activities

Stepler is a fitness app that not only counts steps but also has added value: it motivates physical activity by letting its users exchange steps for rewards. We were responsible for launching the product in Poland in the most difficult possible moment – at the turn of fall and winter, when the enthusiasm for fitness, especially for outdoor activities, decreases. So, we had to find a way to direct the attention to the benefits of regular exercising, both intangible - health, immunity, better body condition - and measurable, in the form of attractive rewards.

Our approach

We carried out the campaign in several stages, taking many aspects of the product into account, as well as many channels. It was one of those projects in which we joined the forces of the Creative and Performance Marketing teams with the main goal of bringing new users to the app.

The first stage was the kick-off communication with the creative slogan encouraging poeple to keep moving even when cold outside. This was carried out in multiple channels (as a PPC, CPI and CPE campaign, and also promoted among different affiliates).

In the second stage, we introduced the umbrella slogan "One step away from rewards" along with a key visual that emphasized the benefits. The campaign used different insights for different target groups: health, movement, resilience, lack of time, approaching Christmas. We strongly highlighted the attractiveness of the awards as well as the ease of installation and intuitive operation.

The campaign was carried out on Facebook and Google in the UAC (User Activation Campaign) model. We focused on analytics – we constantly checked the conversion and optimized it. Traffic was directed to Google Play and the AppStore.

As a reinforcement, we carried out PR activities, creating a series of articles describing the diverse benefits of using the application – parenting (young mothers and walks with children), pandemic and fitness (daily movement in the fight for better immunity, health (the main reward of using Stepler is a healthy body).


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