Kateryna Tsybulia Aug 2, 2022

How to find relevant affiliate partners in 2022?

The main goal of any business is to attract new clients. And affiliate marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal. You promote your business or your partners’ business on the Internet through other affiliates, and they, in turn, get rewarded for each targeted action.

But where to look for those affiliates in 2022?

Be present at online forums and communities.

A great way to find affiliates is to be an active member of affiliate forums and ranking sites such as AffiliateFix, Affpaying, or Offervault. Affiliates looking for products or relevant traffic often look there. Make sure you represent yourself as a reliable company and have your profile details clear and aligned with your business. Ask your partners to share their thoughts and comments regarding your cooperation under your profile, so potential clients know whom they will work with.

Network as much as you can at affiliate events.

Participate in specialized expos and conferences where you can meet your potential partners. Such gatherings are held throughout the year in different parts of the world. Partners attend these conferences to exchange experience and news in a particular industry, learn about new tools and promotion technologies, and find new clients.

Don’t miss your chance! Whether you are a speaker or a listener, you can meet people who can offer your products to their audience.

Develop your social media network.

Social media is a free tool that can help you reach your business goals, so why not use them to the fullest? Facebook, Instagram, and especially LinkedIn are developing day by day and attracting more and more affiliates to join and create personal and business accounts. It could take some time to gather a large, relevant audience (network), but once you have it — you will get the requests to cooperate, not the opposite. One tip on engaging more affiliates to send you requests is to place the business prospection posts in inappropriate LinkedIn groups. They are the most active and engaged members! Such posts will encourage people to write you regarding possible partnerships or subscribe to see what else you will offer and if it is relevant for them.

Search for relevant keywords in Google.

We all know that nowadays, everything can be found on Google. But maybe not everything. When we are talking about affiliate marketing, it is not that simple. We should know how to google the words to get relevant search results. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to type “best affiliate networks 2022” in the search bar. By doing so, you could face inappropriate potential partners, who most probably paid to be visible to other affiliates. The best way is to put words relevant to your business and see if the results are good for you and if you could work with searched partners. So far, to know it for sure, you should still do some research on their website or profile. Another good way is just to google your partners’ brand names. It is common for companies to put their competitors’ names as their ads’ keywords. That is why searching for your partners will bring you quite similar companies that will follow your needs and with which you could work.

Word of mouth.

People love to talk. So if you take good care of your partners and offer a great product, they will notice you and talk about you. Also, when they start promoting your products, other people in their community will notice it too and join in.

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