Communication Strategies

To drive your business in the world of advertising clutter, your brand needs to stand out with a fresh approach. We will help you answer the most crucial questions: why, how, when, where, and to whom. Sounds like a plan, right?

Enhancing brand awareness and value, increasing sales, and building client's long-term loyalty – that's what a tailored communication plan can do.


Brand identity

Know your company’s mission, values, and personality—all that make your brand "the" brand. We guide you to the key aspects to communicate your essence. We help you spot or verify your value proposition.


Competition analysis

Learn where and how other players communicate. We elaborate a detailed juxtaposition of your brand's main competitors. We define/highlight your brand's differentiators and strengths.


Target group definition

Define your brand's audience. We help you find your personas. We advise how, what, and where to connect with them.


Visual communication

Find a coherent and unique brand's design. We create all the visual elements: logos, brand colours, fonts and style aligned with your brand identity. We adjust existing visual elements to communication channel requirements.



Use a top-notch claim to be the top-of-mind brand. We define an engaging narrative to bond with your target group. We find the perfect timing for various types of content.


Communication channels

Get a reliable roadmap that leads your brand to desired effects. We define the recommended channels to reach your audience. We plan out all the steps of the funnel to maximize your outcome.


Digital PR

Manage your brand image under any circumstances. We recommend channels to maintain and boost your brand's image. We help you adjust the narrative depending on the current situation and needs.

Planning. Why so serious?

In today's world, trying to reach an audience without a plan is asking for failure. Remember, your potential client is overstimulated, bored and looking for brands that make a difference. Is that a good start? It is for us because we're born to create tailored, challenging and game-changing communication strategies.

Communication demands... communication.

Our method may be elaborated, but when it comes to the execution, we act right away. We won't put you through unnecessary processes or complicated project paths. We value your time as much as we understand the ever-changing nature of the market. Good, effective, responsive communication, plus an assigned project manager from our side, will lead your brand to the expected outcome.

Thanks for your appreciation

Performante's team stands out with their creativity, which results in an interesting visual side of the project and carefully selected copywriting, as well as attention to detail. In addition, Performante's strengths include sales service, proper understanding of business needs, daily contact, and speed of response - high commitment of the entire team, in a pleasant working atmosphere.

Adriana Jeske

Biedronka, JMP S.A.

Performante stands out from competitors with flexibility in operation, access to a wide range of specialists (with them we can do anything), attentiveness to changing market requirements, treating our topics seriously and the ability to translate customer needs into specific actions. Performante's strengths include ongoing communication, knowledge of the team, and good relationships.

Katarzyna Gzyl


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