Employer branding strategies

Creating an environment that attracts, retains, and engages the right talent is key to building a solid business reputation. To ensure you work with the best, provide them with an experience to match.

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Position your reputation

We shape and promote your company's image across the digital ecosystem and offline media to make you an employer of choice.


Attract top talent

We design and run recruitment campaigns to connect you with the best candidates to reach your business goals.


Promote your culture

We develop strategic and creative marketing campaigns to reinforce a positive and inclusive work environment that aligns with your organization's values, beliefs, and objectives.


Enhance communication

We empower your organization's internal and external communication, ensuring clarity, transparency and alignment between employees, teams and stakeholders.


Encourage development

We structure and promote plans to fill skill gaps, facilitating individual and organizational growth through targeted learning activities.

A 360-Degree Perspective

To ensure efforts are directed to the right areas of employee experience, it is vital to measure and prioritize effectively. EB Radar is our proprietary method for delivering a systematic and measurable approach, reframing strategies with data-driven insights. This tool provides clear visual representations of results, making it easy for decision-makers to understand.

By connecting insights from across the organization, EB Radar helps set the right priorities and build successful strategies.

Action Plan and Implementation

Following a thorough analysis of your present circumstances and requirements, we will formulate a comprehensive action plan to navigate you through the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, you can entrust the entire implementation process to us without hesitation. As an all-in-one agency, our dedicated team is eager and prepared to oversee the entire strategy, creative development, execution and reporting stages, ensuring the success of your employer branding endeavor.

Estimate Your Savings

Investing in employer branding can lead to cost savings in the long run. Companies with a positive employer brand typically spend less on recruiting and training new employees because they have lower turnover rates. However, quantifying these savings can be challenging.

To provide clarity on the financial benefits of your employer branding initiatives, we've developed the EB Calculator. This tool offers a transparent estimation of the potential savings linked with your employer branding efforts.

People First. Always!

We are the proud creators of People First, the first employer branding contest in Latin America.

Every year, brands from various countries and industries converge to showcase their initiatives in talent attraction, retention, and development. A distinguished jury honors the winners during an event tailored for EB enthusiasts, where professionals exchange insights, updates, and perspectives on this subject. This gathering fosters networking opportunities and cultivates a community dedicated to championing benefits for the talent. And we make it happen!

Find out more about People First

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